Back to School Shopping Means Back to School Dining at the Crooked Tree Cafe

There are only two weeks left before school bells will be ringing, kids will be complaining about homework on the first day of school, and moms and dads will be yelling “Yahoo!” Did we say that out loud? Nonetheless, two more weeks means it’s time for back to school shopping! But before you head out to face the crowds at local malls and stores, why not start the day off with a fantastic breakfast from the Crooked Tree Cafe? Our veggie scramble or specialty pancakes are the perfect way for mom, dad and children to start the day with a smile on their face.

Or perhaps you like to start the day a bit later. If so, then why not join us for lunch? Our Mac and Cheese will make even the most difficult shopper agree to trying on at least one more pair of shoes! And mom can stick to her diet with a satisfying Crooked Tree Cafe salad. Honestly, we’ve got something for everyone! So as you create your plan of attack for this year’s shopping trip, make sure to include a stop at the Crooked Tree Cafe!


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